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...Google for Business Account

Business accounts provide a safe way to share management of your locations with multiple users. Business accounts are like a shared folder for your locations--a simple way to share access to a set of locations with coworkers. If you are currently sharing your account username and password with other users, you should transition to using a business account as a safer way to work together.

It’s a good idea to create a business account if:
  • You want to share location management with a co-worker, manager of one of your brands or regions, or an agency

  • You want to run location ad campaigns

To give the co-worker, manager, or agency access to a group of locations:

  1. Create a business account.

  2. Transfer all of your locations to that account.

  3. Add the co-worker or agency employee as a manager or owner to the business account so that both parties continue to have access to all current locations and any locations created in the future.

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