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A New Year and Resolutions

A time to reflect on the last year and make resolutions for this one and then hopefully not break them.

A catch up on Google Search - the means by which most of us search for content. Most of us do not realise that every so often that Google updates it's popular search algorithm so that it keeps web developers, like me on their toes.

Google’s first broad core update of the year is “mostly done” rolling out. The January 2020 core update launched on Monday 13th and, although it is almost fully implemented, it may take up to two weeks to complete. Tracking tools from data providers are showing large fluctuations and chatter from the community suggests that SEOs are feeling the impact of this update.

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See this link for more information on the changes to Google search.

Important: eastcoastdigitial has no link with the website concerned and advises it's content is only advisory. Beware before acting on the link or its content provided for information only.

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